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Men and women…are different.

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I know. Recently an article reminded me of just how different we are. But every once in a while an article like this comes along, and I have to shake my head.

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We have a societal misunderstanding between the sexes. Grow a pair! As I board up my windows and deadbolt my doors, I think we need to examine this issue in a different way. Nothing like a corporate stock photo to symbolize the tug-of-war between us. I remember frequent opinion pieces in my college newspaper voicing frustration over the timidity of Christian men.

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But I have to admit, if this issue keeps coming up and people are this passionate about it, there must be some truth to these concerns. Christian men and women are both working toward the same end goal, hypothetically. A godly marriage to a person who challenges them, loves them, and make them better person.

The two will become one and live stronger together than they ever were apart. Why then do we make this goal so hard to accomplish?

Our little hearts are all wrapped up in it, and we are afraid we will make the wrong choice. You only have one shot to find the right one, or you risk unfulfillment, misery, and divorce.

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The reason we make it a big deal is that it is one; our happy lives are at stake. But we church folk are fooling ourselves if we think dating problems are limited to the church. Dating in the church is just a focused, exaggerated version of dating in the world.

Tensions are higher because we care so much more about getting it right. How ridiculous our problems must look to someone who skips from partner to partner like its a wine tasting.

Chelsie Cline was one of four people murdered by Tim Smith, 28, with the shooter issuing a chilling warning on Facebook before the attack.

Those folks have a different set of problems. I wonder how long they can hold this pose.

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So in searching for a soulmate, a perfect match, a true keeper, we bring a lot of expectations with us. Am I desirable enough?

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And if I finally find one, is it gonna end badly? Unfortunately, I think a lot of people are hasty in their assessment of one of the most complicated aspects of our existence.

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When men and women interact, it can get messy. You know how it goes. It gets messy because Tommy likes Sarah more than Sarah likes Tommy.

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Or Lisa thought her one-on-one time with Jimmy was dating, when Jimmy just thought they were hanging out. Speaking of that, what actually is dating?

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It seems that everyone has a different answer for that. If the definition of dating changes from person to person, no wonder we are so confused! The problem is bigger than what anyone person can say about it.

In part 2I Photo Dating Woman. try to figure out what a date actually is. In part 3I will talk about some reasons why guys might not ask girls out.

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In the final partwe Photo Dating Woman. then decide what to do about it. Everyone brings their own thoughts and experiences to the table. I fully expect someone to disagree with what I say, and maybe even get mad at me for it, but I will not claim to be right about everything. I will probably say something wrong, or not have the whole story.

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We can help each other out.