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Review the challenge and criteria constraints Brainstorm possible solutions sketch while you brainstorm! Choose best solution and build a prototype Test then redesign until solution is optimized Reflect as a team and debrief as a class Background Concepts What is Nanotechnology?

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Imagine being able to observe the motion of a red blood cell as it moves through your vein. What would it be like to observe the sodium and chlorine atoms as they get close enough to actually transfer electrons and form a salt crystal or observe the vibration of molecules as the temperature rises in a pan of water?

The Power of Graphene

This ability to observe, measure and even manipulate materials at the molecular or atomic scale is called nanotechnology or nanoscience. Most often nano is applied to the length scale and we measure and talk about nanometers nm.

Individual atoms are smaller than 1 nm in diameter, with it taking about 10 hydrogen atoms in a row to create a line 1 nm in length.

Other atoms are larger than hydrogen but still have diameters less than a Dating Black Femeie din Quebec. A typical virus is about nm in diameter and a bacterium is about nm head to tail. The tools that have allowed us to observe the previously invisible world of the nanoscale are the Atomic Force Microscope and the Scanning Electron Microscope.

How Big is Small? It can be hard to visualize how small things are at the nanoscale.

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The following exercise can help you visualize how big small can be! Consider a bowling ball, Aplica?

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ia se intalne? te complet gratuit billiard ball, a tennis ball, a golf ball, a marble, and a pea.

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Think about the relative size of these items. Many images taken with scanning electron microscopes maybe viewed at www.

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Graphene is a one atom thick, two dimensional material which consists of carbon atoms densely packed into a honeycomb-like crystal lattice. This is known as a single layer graphene. Bi-layer and multi-layer graphenes have also been synthesized in the laboratory. Graphene exhibits very interesting electrical, optical, mechanical, thermal and other properties.

Electrically, it is a semimetal or a semiconductor with zero bandgap.

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Graphene shows a very low resistivity, for example, only Wcm at room temperature. The mechanical properties are exceptional. The interesting properties of graphene have led to an explosion of research recently in their synthesis, characterization of their properties, and development of applications.

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Promising applications include electronic devices, transparent electrodes for solar cells and plasma displays, composites, energy storage devices, and chemical and biological sensors. Currently researchers are able to produce graphene by reducing graphene oxide. This chemical synthesis approach can now yield gram quantities of the material.

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It is also possible to deposit a single layer of graphene on a silicon wafer. A technique called chemical vapor deposition allows growth of single or multilayer graphene at º C. Nobel Prize for Graphene Research Two researchers recently received the Nobel Prize in physics for their work on graphene!

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This field has changed dramatically in a short period of time, making graphene a material that is changing many industries. What is a Simple Circuit?

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A simple circuit consists of three minimum elements that are required to complete a functioning electric circuit: a source of electricity batterya path or conductor on which electricity flows wire and an electrical resistor lamp which is any device that requires electricity to operate.

The illustration below shows a simple circuit containing, one battery, two wires, a switch, and a bulb.