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Bonaventure University, New York Abstract The Sacrum commercium beati Francisci cum domina Paupertate is one of the most enigmatic texts in the early Franciscan corpus.

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New York: New City Press, Volume 1: The Saint This ambitious project was subsequently shelved until the appearance of its first projected volume on the writings of Francis and Clare of Assisi but now issued in three separate parts in within a series now titled: Studies in Early Franciscan Sources.

However, after the appearance of these three volumes, the project was again likewise aborted. A promised revival of at least some of the essays — in revised and updated editions — which were prepared for the original seven-volume project was again undertaken in It was at this point that the present essay was reviewed and revised.

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However, this publishing venture, too, was similarly abandoned in And publication in the journal Franciscan Studies was contingent upon it being considerably revised and reduced. Hence, sincere and heartfelt thanks are owed to the editor of Studii franciscane for his willingness to allow the present essay to finally see the light of day.

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As it appears here, it will serve as the basis for a much more extensive analysis and commentary on the Sacrum commercium, which will eventually appear as a monograph in The Medieval Franciscan Series, to be published by Brill, by consent of matrimoniale aiud pentru femei si barbati care cauta sa isi gaseasca perechea general editor, Steven J.

McMichael, O. The particular structure of the essay and its subdivisions follow the parameters established for the defi- nitive essays on the medieval Franciscan sources mandated for the original project. Cusato, Bononaventure Dating Site. He is a former director of the Franciscan Institute and dean of its School of Franciscan Studies where he taught medieval Franciscan history He has written extensively on the history of the Franciscan movement, with special concentration on Francis and the early fraternity, the encounter of Francis with the Sultan, the stigmatization of Francis on La Verna, the figure of Elias of Cortona, the pivotal role played by the Sacrum commercium in the Companions' tradition and the growth of medieval apocalyp- ticism.

Is the text a charming fable about Francis and flirt Bononaventure Dating Site. Is it an allegory? Might it be a polemic - and if so, against whom or what?

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This article attempts to explore the basic issue of authorship, dating and purpose by assessing the manuscript evidence and the varied approaches to the text adopted by selected historians over the last century. It lays out a strong hypothesis addressing these questions particularly through a careful examination of the carefully-constructed structure of the text, its veiled allusions to early Franciscan history and its use of scriptural codes at key moments in the story.

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The author posits that the Sacrum commercium is a stinging polemic, cleverly concealed as an allegory, criticizing the failed observance of the original minoritas of the early Franciscan fraternity, enshrined in the Early Rule, which reveals itself most clearly in the involvement of the leadership of the Franciscan order in the building of the Basilica of San Francesco, viewed as a betrayal of the poverty which is the hallmark of minorite living.

Introduction The Sacrum Commercium beati Francisci cum domina Paupertate is one of the most beloved yet enigmatic texts in the corpus of writings from the Middle Bononaventure Dating Site.

about Francis of Assisi and his movement. For some, it is a charming allegory about the joyful following of absolute poverty by Francis and his followers.

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For others, it is a searching theological treatise on the biblical notion of covenant made between Christ and those who would profess His life of poverty.

For others still, it is a stinging critique of the failed observance of poverty within the Franciscan order in contrast to the fidelity of Francis and his companions.

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Indeed, the Sacrum commercium stands singularly apart from the extraordinary production of Franciscan texts in the thirteenth century in that it is neither hagiography in the classic sense of the term like the works of Thomas of Celano and Bonaventure ; nor is it a florilegium of reminiscences like the Assisi Compilation, its antecedents or offshoots.

Neither is it a text intended for liturgical use; nor a compen- dium of miracles intended for edification. Furthermore, its author has not yet been identified nor has the dating of its redaction been firmly resolved. It is, in short, a unique source in the Franciscan literature of the Middle Ages. Part of the difficulty in identifying the genre, purpose Bononaventure Dating Site.

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meaning of the text is directly related to problems of dating and authorship. When was this enigmatic text written? By whom? To what purpose? Why was this image of commercium chosen; and what does it really mean within the text itself?