Dating Woman Congo Kinshasa

Dating Woman Congo Kinshasa

Despite demobilizing efforts, guns are hard to disable Billions of dollars' worth of rifles, machine guns, rocket launchers and pistols have flooded the continent, fueling the wars that have killed millions of Africans and Dating Woman Congo Kinshasa hundreds of millions more over the past decade.

The irony is that much of this carnage is the bitter fruit of peace blossoming elsewhere in the world, as surplus weaponry from the Cold War finds a new market.

It is an oddly toylike weapon.

Our focus is centered upon trauma counselling training for women and adds capacity Informaţii suplimentare The Impact Your support of this self-sustaining training program will help local communities create better lives for the people in Bukavu.

Yet it can empty a round magazine in three seconds and is powerful enough to punch holes through a man's chest from 1, yards away.

But like countless other items of Cold War surplus, it has turned up here, at the end of a long and ruinous pipeline of cheap arms that fuels the unquenchable wars of Africa.

The gun, a model AKM, was assembled in a factory in distant Romania. Ikombi killed his first man with it in August Instead, he would boast how he had shot three more soldiers with his gun.

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And, smiling slyly, Dating Woman Congo Kinshasa later would describe gunning down two village women. Their crime: having sex with the enemy.

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Rootless, with a past mutilated by war and a future reduced to a hungry blank, there are a million Grace Ikombis in Africa. The world's poorest continent has become a vast and murderous dumping ground for the unwanted arsenals of the world.

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Billions of dollars' worth of rifles, machine guns, rocket launchers and pistols have flooded Africa in recent years. According to London's International Institute for Strategic Studies, of theDating Woman Congo Kinshasa killed directly by warfare inthe last year for which figures are available, 60 percent perished in Africa, where only a tenth of the world's population lives.

Millions more Africans have died in wars over the last decade. And the World Bank estimates that almost half the continent's inhabitants, or at least million people, are kept in poverty by chronic fighting in the region.

Today, five major wars, four low-grade rebellions and dozens of smaller ethnic, religious and land-rights skirmishes bleed Africa — half of all the armed conflicts on the globe. Many Africa-watchers rank the proliferation of guns alongside the AIDS epidemic as one of the most crippling obstacles to the continent's development.

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The irony, of course, is that much of this violence is the bitter fruit of peace blossoming elsewhere in the world. With the end of the Cold War ina torrent of surplus weaponry has poured south, adding to the huge piles of guns accumulated in Africa during years of proxy battles between the United States and the former Soviet Union. They are followed by cash-strapped Eastern European nations whose aging arsenals are being hawked to the highest bidder — governments, rebels or criminal warlords.

A handful of middlemen have reaped millions in profits from gunrunning — such as Victor Bout, a shadowy, high-living former Soviet airman who last week became a fugitive on a Belgian international warrant.

Western nations contribute relatively few of their expensive guns to this burgeoning African weapons trade.

Whatsapp MEPs strongly condemn the mass rape and human rights violations inflicted on at least women and children between 30 July and 4 August in North Kivu province, Democratic Republic of Congo. In a plenary resolution passed on Thursday, they call on the United Nations and Kinshasa to conduct an impartial and thorough investigation of the attacks. The cases of mass rape in the east of the DRC should be referred to the International Criminal Court, says the resolution, approved on Thursday with votes in favour, 8 against and 34 abstentions.

Still, all five permanent members of the U. Security Council — China, Russia, France, Britain and the United States — collectively bank hundreds of millions of dollars a year in weapons sales to an impoverished continent that frequently must be rescued by U. Simply put, Africa is awash in guns. Oxfam, the humanitarian organization, puts their number at million, or one weapon for every six Africans. Made in Romania This is the story of just one, wielded by a small player in Africa's modern agonies.

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Romanian export documents suggest that it followed the route of 20, identical assault rifles shipped out of the same weapons plant in May, bound for neighboring Uganda, one of seven countries that have meddled in Congo's brutal civil war.

Suciu, 45, has more immediate worries — such as the price of corn oil.

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At 20, Romanian lei a bottle — or about 75 cents — he can no longer afford the cooking staple. Suciu's plump, doll-like hands have grown callused from hoeing a patch of potatoes.

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This is a novel humiliation in Africa's gun trade: Once the domain of jealous superpowers, it has become a case of the poor arming the poorer.

Romania could be eligible to join the Western alliance next year.

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But security analysts warn that, once more, Africa will bear the brunt of this military conversion. But the harshness of life in Cugir symbolizes the decay of Eastern Europe's once-mighty defense industry and shows how the meltdown of the Soviet empire has stoked the killing in faraway Africa.

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Two-thirds of Romania'sarms workers have lost their jobs since communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu was toppled and shot in a popular revolt in The implications are chilling. InRomanian rocket components slipped into Iraq.