Flirter Pa Engelsk.

Flirter Pa Engelsk.

Flirter Pa Engelsk.

Flirter Pa Engelsk. atâta de bun si foarte blând - You are so kind and very gentle. Te pup dulce pe guriţă - Sending you a sweet kiss.

Lista principalelor căutări efectuate de utilizatori pentru accesarea dicționarului nostru online înEngleză și cele mai întrebuințate expresii cu cuvântul «flirter».

Click to expand Those are all very good mike, however I'd like to give some additional comments on few of them if I may : a. One who is proud of being as such, and who's looking for girls who appreciate it more than other qualities, would have no problem with it.

Examples: flirtation Aside from a brief flirtation with belly dancing, Mary decided she would rather kick-box. În afară de un scurt flirt cu dansul de burtă, Mary a decis că ar prefera să poarte box-box. Uh, Walter, she flipped her hair.

But a "man's man" might have his doubts upon your appreciation of his virility "I hope she doesn't think I'm a pussy". So use this with care, depending on the personality of the guy.

Flirter Pa Engelsk.

I'll try here some alternate translations which follow the meaning of the Romanian words and their topic: b. Te pup dulce pe guriţă. Kiss you sweetly on the lips.

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So it can be translated as on your sweet mouth, but I wanted to avoid having sweet twice. The Romanian correspondent of lips - Flirter Pa Engelsk.

Poate te ajută el să filtrezi informațiile Perhaps he can help you sort through the information Acum încearcă să filtrezi al treilea și al cincilea zgomot.

- is not recommended, as it would sound as unromantic as Kiss you on the mouth sounds in English. It's usually what mothers say to their children when they leave them at home alone or send them on a school trip etc.

Flirter Pa Engelsk.

Something like "whatever you do, remember to also behave yourself, to not do things you're not supposed to". Now how does that translate for a boyfriend?

Flirter Pa Engelsk.

If your close enough for him to know that you totally trust him, it's just a sweet version of "take care". Otherwise - especially if he has a certain weakness - it might have several second meanings: - if he goes to a bar: Take care, but don't drink too much - if he goes to a bachelor party: Take care, and don't get too friendly with the stripper - if he likes gambling: Take care and don't go gambling again Or when he really goes to a bar, a party etc, without you.

In that case he won't mind it only shows your sweet concern. But if you use it everyday, even if he said he's just staying home working on a project or sth, it might sound like you suspect him for having other plans for that evening.