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It is therefore appropriate to provide for a temporary derogation from the rules concerning the labelling of fishery products offered for retail sale to the final consumer in Mayotte. By way of derogation from the generally applicable Union rules, and due to the current specific social and economic situation of Mayotte, sufficient time should be provided to allow France to increase the capacities of the underdeveloped Free Mayotte Dating Site of its fleet of smaller vessels until Until 31 Decemberparagraphs 1, 2 and 3 shall not apply to products offered for retail sale to the final consumer in Mayotte, as an outermost region within the meaning of Article TFEU.

By way of derogation from paragraph 1, France shall be exempted until 31 December from the obligation to include in its register of Union fishing vessels those vessels which are less than 10 metres in overall length and which operate from Mayotte. Until 31 DecemberFrance shall keep a provisional register of fishing vessels which are less than 10 metres in overall length and which operate from Mayotte.

[Combination of three cutaneous diseases in Mayotte].

That register shall contain at least the name, overall length and an identification code of each vessel. Vessels registered in the provisional register shall be considered to be vessels registered in Mayotte. It shall apply from 4 March Animal by-products and derived products generated in Mayotte before 1 January shall be disposed of in accordance with Article 19 1 b of this Regulation.

This Regulation shall be binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all Member States. Specific measures in order to gradually improve the environment should be adopted within specific time-limits. Such measures call for infrastructure works that should follow appropriate barbat singur caut femeie topola and planning procedures and, furthermore, require the establishment of systems for measuring and monitoring urban waste water discharges.

Due to the specific structural and economic situation of Mayotte, a sufficient period of time should be granted to France to allow those requirements to be met.

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In view of the considerable investment and preparatory work required to replace unenriched cages by enriched cages or alternative systems, it is necessary to postpone the prohibition of using unenriched cages for a period of up to 48 months from 1 January In order to prevent distortions of competition, eggs derived from establishments using unenriched cages should be marketed only on the local market of Mayotte.

In order to facilitate the necessary controls, eggs produced in unenriched cages should bear a special mark. Due to the specific structural and economic situation of the new outermost region of Mayotte, a sufficient period of time should be granted for the adoption and implementation of such measures.

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Therefore, specific time-limits need to be adopted in order to allow France to meet the Union standards as regards bathing water quality in Mayotte as a new outermost region and due to its special social and economic situation. Due to its prevailing special social and economic situation, there are no technical facilities available in Mayotte for the implementation of measures necessary to comply with that Directive in the field of artificial optical radiation.

Therefore, it is appropriate to grant a derogation to France from certain provisions of that Directive until 31 Decemberprovided that such facilities are not available in Mayotte and without prejudice to the general principles of protection and prevention in the area of health and safety of workers.

Symptoms of leprosy were concealed by those of the other two diseases. After multidrug therapy for leprosy, the patient developed erythema nodosum leprosum that was successfully treated using pentoxifylline.

It is important to reduce the duration of the derogation as much as possible. Therefore, the national derogating measures should be reviewed every year and should be withdrawn as soon as the circumstances justifying them no longer subsist. It is therefore appropriate to grant France an additional period of 30 months from 1 January to bring into force the provisions necessary to comply with that Directive in respect of Mayotte.

From 1 Januaryno cages as referred to in this Chapter may be built or brought into service for the first time in Mayotte. Eggs derived from establishments rearing laying hens in cages as referred to in this Chapter shall only be placed on the local market of Mayotte.

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Those eggs and their packs shall be clearly identified with a special mark, so as to allow the necessary controls.

A clear description of this special mark shall be communicated to the Commission by 1 January All derogations from this Directive resulting from the application of measures existing on 1 January or from the adoption of new measures shall be preceded by a consultation with the social partners in accordance with national law and practice. Such derogations shall be applied under conditions which, taking Free Mayotte Dating Site account the particular circumstances prevailing in Mayotte, guarantee that the resulting risks for workers are reduced to a minimum and that the workers concerned benefit from reinforced health surveillance.

The national derogating measures shall be reviewed every year, after consultation with the social partners, and shall be withdrawn as soon as the circumstances justifying them no longer subsist.

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By way of derogation from the first sentence of paragraph 1, France shall bring into force the laws, regulations and administrative provisions necessary to comply with this Directive in respect of Mayotte as an outermost region within the meaning of Article TFEU by 30 June Those proposals were also sent to the national parliaments. Procedure before the Court and forms of order sought 15 By decision of the President of the Court of 29 Aprilthe present cases were joined for the purposes of the written and oral parts of the procedure and of the judgment.

The actions 20 In support of their respective actions, the Parliament and the Commission put forward a single plea, to the effect that the Council, by adopting the contested acts on the basis of Article TFEU, chose the wrong legal basis. Arguments of the parties Arguments of the Commission 21 The Commission submits that Article TFEU applies only where derogation from the application of primary law to the outermost regions is involved.

Where there is no such derogation, the legal basis for an act that merely adapts a policy to those regions, as was the case in respect Dating Woman Horse. the contested acts, should be sought in the provisions relating to that policy. Indeed, details relating to the geographical scope of a rule of secondary law are normally set out in that rule itself and are not affected by either Article TFEU or Article 52 TEU.

The use of those words and the presence of that list merely underscore that the scope of Article TFEU is not restricted to certain specific policy areas, and does not mean that the field of application of that article should be extended to an extent such that the Council would be empowered, on the basis thereof, to Free Mayotte Dating Site measures derogating from secondary legislation.

The Competitiveness Council will be informed of the result on that date.

Each of those legal bases, with the exception of Article TFEU, relates to a given policy, taken as a whole, and grants the EU legislature a wide discretion, with a view to taking account of any relevant factor.

It follows that geographical differentiation is permitted, provided that the principle of equal treatment is observed.

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Therefore, differential treatment in favour of an outermost region can be justified by the existence in that Free Mayotte Dating Site of one or more of the factors listed in Article TFEU without that affecting the legal basis applicable to that treatment.

Thus those acts should have been founded on the various corresponding legal bases.

The provisions governing EU policies apply also to the outermost regions. The fact that a measure relates, in whole or in part, to one or more outermost regions is immaterial in this regard.

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The decisive criterion is whether that measure pursues objectives particular to the policy concerned, without however constituting a specific measure for outermost regions within the meaning of Article TFEU.

Such difficulties could concern any region subject to the obligation to comply, from a specified date, with requirements which were not applicable to it previously.

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The fact that the fragile marine environment which must be protected is located in the waters of an outermost region is not relevant, as such a situation may arise in any other region of the European Union. Accordingly, Article TFEU did in fact constitute the appropriate legal basis for the adoption of those measures.

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In particular, a situation similar to that affecting Mayotte, that is to say, the lack of an animal by-product processing industry, could arise in any other region of the European Union. Arguments of the Council 46 The Council contends that Article TFEU constitutes a specific legal basis, having a limited geographical scope, which prevails over sectoral legal bases and which should be used when it is a matter of adopting specific measures aimed at laying down, in particular, the conditions of Free Mayotte Dating Site of EU law, including secondary legislation, while taking account of the adverse situation, as described in that article, of the outermost regions.

Secondly, that regulation and that directive pursue a main and predominant objective, namely the adoption of specific measures having regard to the situation of Mayotte, a fact which justified use of Article TFEU alone.