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Evadat din gulagul Siberian şi luat în grijă de o femeie fermieră din satul Svishchevo. Escaped from Siberian gulag and taken in by a farmwoman in the village of Svishchevo. I found a woman, an ordinary homesteader and her daughter.

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We'll park the farmer and his wife and this yokel in the barn, up in the loft. One lone woman with seven scroungy backwoodsmen.

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A farmer met a ghost woman and she gave him a golden box. And she said yes, but only--only after they called everybody in the village, every man, woman, and child, every farmer, every vagabond, every animal even- - the dogs and the cats- - and finally together The Farmer of the Week nominates two people a man and a woman as the Butlers.

WikiMatrix Şi ce fel de femeie crezi că mi s- ar potrivi cel mai bine, ca fermier gospodar şi muncitor?

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And what sort of wife do you think would be best for me as a thrifty, hard- working farmer? And what sort of wife do you think would be best for me as a thrifty, hard-working farmer?

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A postman who obviously stole more mail than he delivered, - a goat farmer Intalnire cu femeia engleza the Hollow and an old conjure woman.