Intalnirea site- ului intre oficial, Întâlnirea Cetelor de juni

Intalnirea site- ului intre oficial

Intalnirea site- ului intre oficial

I agree to the privacy policy Subscribe Close overlay Nordic Energy Research NER collects and processes personal information via its web page nordicenergy.

Personal information is provided on a voluntary basis when visiting these web pages.

Aspecte legale

The processing of personal information in connection with the services we offer, such as subscribing to newsletters and events, is done with the consent of the user. We do no share user information with any third parties without the express permission of the user.

Intalnirea site- ului intre oficial

The company MailChimp delivers the solution for these newsletters and acts as a data processor for Nordic Energy Research in accordance with the agreement we have made with them. In order to send e-mail to the right recipient we must save your name and e-mail address.

PSD-ul e pe val si ar fi de acord, spera ca isi va intari pozitia de prima forta politica. AUR e o imensa "surpriza" pt ziaristii vanduti gruparilor de interese mafiote din politica si economie si pentru "feisbuchistii" bagati in bula lor de informatie din care nu scot capul decat pt a-i injura pe cei care nu sunt de acord cu ei. Cei de la AUR nu se tem de noi alegeri, dimpotriva, vor avea probabil mai multi electori dintre cei care nu venisera la vot acum. Dar fiind acum in afara Parlamentului nu poate influenta decizia decat indirect sau subteran. Cine ar ezita sau s-ar impotrivi la noi alegeri?

We may also save other information you choose to provide, such as organisation and work title. This information is stored in the MailChimp database.

Intalnirea site- ului intre oficial

We will not share your information with third parties without your express permission, and we delete your information when you end your subscription. We will use the information only to manage the sending of newsletters or event invitations.

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Intalnirea site- ului intre oficial