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See also: Greater RomaniaHistory of MoldovaUnited Principalities of Moldavia and Wallachiaand Union of Bessarabia with Romania The Principality of Moldavia was a vassal state of the Ottoman Empire and its eastern territories between the Prut and the Dniestr approximately half of the principality were annexed by the Russian Empire inin accordance with the Treaty of Bucharest.

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The Russians referred to this new region as Bessarabiataking a name that had previously only applied to a southern portion of the region known also as the " Budjak " and extending it to cover the entire newly annexed territory. The name derives from the Wallachian Basarab dynasty, who had presided over the southern portion in the Middle Ages.

During the Russian Revolution ofa newly formed regional parliament Sfatul Țării declared Bessarabia's autonomy within Russia.

16th-17th of May - Dobrudga

Inafter the Romanian army entered Bessarabia, the makeshift parliament decided on independence, only to review its position and ultimately decide on a conditional union with Romania. The conditions, including the provisions for autonomy, were ultimately dropped.

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In the middle ofRomania joined Hitler's Axis in the invasion of the Soviet Union, recovering Bessarabia and northern Bukovina, as well as occupying the territory to the east of the Dniester it dubbed "Transnistria". The Soviets strongly promoted the Moldovan ethnic identity, against other opinions that viewed all speakers of the Romanian language as part of a single ethnic group, taking advantage of the incomplete integration of Bessarabia into the interwar Romania.

At the same time, Transnistriathe eastern part of Moldova, inhabited by a Slavic mainly Russian and Ukrainian majority, used the putative danger of unification with Romania as a pretext for its own aspirations for independence.

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As a result, and especially after the victory of Agrarians in the elections, Moldova began distancing itself from Romania. The state flag was slightly modified, and the anthem changed to " Limba noastră ".

Endangered Languages

The Moldovan referendum of for an independent Moldova was seen by many public figures to be aimed at implicitly excluding a union with Romania. Furthermore, the constitution adopted in by the new Parliament dominated by Moldovanist Agrarians and Socialists called the official language "Moldovan", as opposed to the earlier Declaration of independence that called it "Romanian".

'Little Pompeii' uncovered by archaeologists south of Lyon

The attempt by Moldovan president Mircea Snegur in to change the name of the official language to "Romanian" was dismissed by the Moldovan Parliament as "promoting Romanian expansionism". A "Concept on National Policy" was adopted in by the Communist dominated Parliament, stating that Moldovans and Romanians are different peoples, and that the latter are an ethnic minority in Moldova. The text on the inscription reads "Romanian people—Romanian language".

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Beforeonly the Christian-Democratic People's Partyone of the political heirs of the Moldovan Popular Frontactively supported unification. However, the stance of the Christian-Democrats changed significantly after they started collaborating closely with the ruling Moldovan Communists.

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Speculations followed whether his plan is backed by higher circles in the Kremlin, but they were never confirmed. Nevertheless, several journalists and scholars[ who? The phrase "minimal policy" led to questions whether there is also a maximal policy.

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Băsescu also added that Romania would respect this decision and would help Moldova to join EU on its own. After the Moldovan parliamentary election of Aprilthe Moldova civil unrestthe Moldovan parliamentary election of July and the creation of the governing Alliance for European Integrationa new wave of speculations about the union followed.

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The Party of Communists, now in opposition, claimed "the unionists came to power. Băsescu called Moldova his "soul project". The main reason of those interested is: feeling Romanian The study "Reacquiring Romanian citizenship: historical, comparative and applied perspectives", released inestimated thatMoldovan citizens reacquired Romanian citizenship by Southern Corsica Dating Site August [46] [47] Between 15 August and 15 Octoberan additional 90, [48] reacquired Romanian citizenship, according to the National Authority for Citizenship, bringing the total toA study by the Soros Foundation Romania found that from the passing of the citizenship law in until the end ofthe number of successful applications from Moldova Southern Corsica Dating SiteThe number of persons is estimated to be aroundwith a potential ofmore persons if all outstanding applications are successful.

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